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Zero Air Loss Solenoid Valve Type

Zero Air Loss Solenoid Valve Type

Zero Air Loss Drain Valves

Zero Air Loss Solenoid Valve Type

Technologically developed Zero Air Loss Solenoid Valve Type is primarily used for controlling the rate of flow in both fluid and air powered tools, motors and systems. Here, condensate collects in the container housing and valve remains closed and leak proof. As the container is filled to the upper or high level sensor point on the solenoid valve lifts the plunger because of magnetic flux, which is generated by the activated coil.

Reason and solution of condensate occurrence in compressor system

Why happens condensate?

Compressor inhales air from atmosphere and saturated vapor that is flowed when compress becomes water in compression process.

In the case of condensate, was polluted extremely by dust in air, pollutant, oil etc., in the case of oil free compressor, it is acidified that causticity is strong.

Year condensation quantity graph
Year condensation quantity that is happened Air Compressor(75kW)System.

Drain Valve

Condensate! What is problem?

  • Corrodes and contaminates compressed air piping, air tank, air filter etc., and furthermore, it gives serious effect to high equipment and product in production field.
  • In the case of winter, condensate is exposed to danger of burst by frozen in piping and machine equipment.

Components of Zero Air Loss Drain Valve

Components of drain value

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