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Auto Drain Valves

auto drain valve for compressor

Automatic Drain Valve

Auto Drain Valve

We offer Drainage Management System that is a complete solution to drainage concerns of many industries, such as chemical and oil refinery factories. It is the management system where conventional drainage system is intercepted by a water control structure, which effectively function as an in-line dam, allowing the drainage outlet to be artificially set at levels ranging from the soil surface to the bottom of the drains. We offer two major systems where in first, water level is controlled with structures by adding or removing logs or using float mechanism to control the opening and closing of a flow valve.

  • It is Motorized Ball Valve Operated with zero choke function.
  • Zero Air Loss (Regulated by level Sensors.)
  • Automated Opration.
  • Prevent Energy Loss by discharging Condensate Selectivly.
  • Variety of Models according to capacity of Compressor.
  • Self Cleaning Mode.
  • Has Emergency Alarm Mode when Drain Valve not working

Cost Saving Calculator by Drainmatic Level Sensing Automatic Drain Valve versus Timer Operated Auto Drain Valve

Select Orifice Size (mm) : 6
Timer on Time (Sec.) : 5
Timer operating Interval (min.) : 20
Cost of generation (in Rs/m3) : 2.5

Cubic Feet per Sec : 1.53 Cycles/Day 72
Cubic Feet per Cycle 7.65 Cubic feet per Cycle 7.65
Cubic feet per Day 550.8
Cubic feet per year 201042
Air lost per year (in m3) 5744.06
Total Potential Savings ; Rs. 14,360

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