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Kaeser Air Compressor

KAESER Portable Oil-free Rotary Screw
Air Compressor with Air cooling

Air Compressor

Kaeser Air Controller

KAESER Portable Oil-free Rotary Screw Air Compressor with air-cooling - The new standard for the 50 cubic meter class. Flagship M500-2 of KAESER combines the advantages of a two-stage dry-running oil-free rotary screw compressor with those of a mobile unit: maximum compressed air capacity and quality with unrivalled flexibility.

  • Compressed air after cooler fitted as standard.
  • Fleet Management via GPS as standard.
  • Refinery equipment as standard – including certified spark arrestor, engine shut-off valve and sealed floor pan.
  • Many features to facilitate setup (chassis with parking brake, crane and rigging eyelets, forklift pockets).

Industrial equipment with high compressed air requirements has been fulfilled by ensuring the continuity of compressed air supply even during maintenance or renovation work. Other areas of application include pipeline flushing , refineries etc. Kaeser Portable Oil-free Rotary Screw Air Compressor easily integrates into existing station as a perfect team player.


  • Environmentally-friendly today and for the future: The reliable and low-emissions integrated Caterpillar diesel engine complies with Stage IV European emissions standards thanks to its integrated soot particle filter.
  • Maximum long-term efficiency: Thanks to an innovative coating that remains immune to temperatures up to 300 °C, the blasted and phosphate-treated rotors show no measurable wear even after years of use.
  • Minimal downtime: Thanks to its generously sized fuel tank, the M500-2 can run for two entire sequential shifts and can even run continuously when connected to an external tank.

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