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The brand new KAESER compressed Air Dryer is authentic and competent for an entire drying level. The KAESER Dryer provides ideal drying of the compressed air for better application and operation of all the flow rates. As they are created like the high-end industrial machines, where you’ll get authentic safeguarding against dew destruction for your systems and its working and operations even under the critical conditions.

Some of the specific features of KAESER Compressed Air Dryer are-
  • The Compressed air dryer is composed of several types of dryers including Secotec refrigerated dryers, kryosec refrigerated dryers, TX series refrigerated dryers, High- pressure refrigerated dryers, high-temperature refrigerated dryers, etc.
  • The dryer is equipped with solid energy-saving refrigeration dryer along with extraordinary latent heat storage.
  • The dryer stands out in the market in terms of its high-end energy efficiency, compact design and user-friendliness.
  • Long lasting durability- As the compressed air dryer is composed of corrosion defiant air piping and aluminium heat transfer because of which it ensures lifelong durability and strength to its built up.
  • The dry compressed air produced by the compressor ranges from 37.5 to 90m3/min.
  • It has an air and water cooling effect along with an operating pressure up to 16 bars.
  • The optional FE micro filter provides the high level of air purity and also the heatless refrigeration absorption dryers.
  • There’s plenty of potential savings during partial load operation and work pause.
  • It provides the highest level of durability along with little maintenance system manufacturing.
  • Enhanced Compact Built Up- The chamber of the dryer is entirely filled with the phase change material because of which it minimizes the need for storage material to gain the same capacity as of the conventional storage media.
  • Enormous Savings in Limited Load Operation-Built up on the temperature at which the compressed air is cooled by a cycled chamber differs the size of the compressor and hence promote minimal power consumption in the partial load operation.
  • During the limited load operation, the surplus cooling can be stored for a time in the thermal mass for cooling later on without any need for power usage.

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