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Medifly offers the line of pipes in COPEY PA SUPERFLEX as an alternative to polyamides As reported in recent months, the current general market situation shows a strong shortage of raw materials, especially Polyamide PA11 and Polyamide PA12. Especially for the next few months, a very low availability of these materials is expected. The increase in prices announced on these products will also be considerable and we are waiting to know the real extent of this increase. As soon as we have certain information about the price increase we will inform you.

In light of the above, Medifly offers the line of pipes in COPEY ™ PA SUPERFLEX as ALTERNATIVE to Polyamides.

We would like to underline some points that characterize the pipe line in COPEY ™ PA SUPERFLEX:
  • Pipes in COPEY ™ PA SUPERFLEX have physical / chemical characteristics and technical performance equivalent to polyamide PA11 and polyamide PA12
  • the tubes in COPEY ™ PA SUPERFLEX are used already for more than 5 yearspneumatic, hydraulic and agriculture applications, therefore they have already passed countless tests for the most demanding applications.
  • pipes The raw material used to realize the pipes COPEY ™ PA SUPERFLEX is available on the market

If you want more information on this line of pipes we are available to provide free samples and technical documentation (technical data sheets and chemical resistance cards) to compare the pipes in COPEY ™ PA SUPERFLEX, Polyamide PA12 and Polyamide PA11.

We are supplying products for the Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Compressed Air, Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Cement, Steel, Power Machine Tool, Packaging and Printing, Pipeline products, Misting system, Refineries, Food Grad, Railways, Aerospace, Defense and all applications requiring good quality and extremely reliable operations.

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