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Kaeser Air Compressor

KAESER Rotary Screw Air Compressor
with Belt Drive

Air Compressor

KAESER Rotary Screw Air Compressor with Belt Drive

Kaeser Rotary screw air compressor specialize for it's Compact design with impressive performance. Kaeser rotary screw compressors with V-belt drive provide outstanding efficiency and reliability. They feature the energy-saving SIGMA profile rotor and a SIGMA CONTROL 2 (or, optionally, SIGMA CONTROL BASIC)controller.

All series are available as standard models but also with

  • Add-on refrigeration dryer for high compressed air quality and/or
  • Speed-controlled motor for a large flow rate control range. (SM, SK and ASK series) We will gladly tell you which model is the perfect solution for you.


  • Highly-efficient power transmission: The quality drive belt with automatic tensioning device ensures consistent transmission efficiency and excellent drive system reliability over the entire service life.
  • Easy maintenance: The housing is easily opened. All components are logically arranged and easy to access. Maintenance work is therefore made quick and simple.
  • Exceptionally quiet: The soundproofed housing reduces operational noise to a minimum. Normal conversation can take place right next to the compressor.
We are supplying products for the Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Compressed Air, Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Cement, Steel, Power Machine Tool, Packaging and Printing, Pipeline products, Misting system, Refineries, Food Grad, Railways, Aerospace, Defense and all applications requiring good quality and extremely reliable operations.

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