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push fit compressed air fittings

High Pressure & Push-in Fitting Solutions

High Pressure & Push-in Fitting Solutions

High Pressure & Push-in Fitting Solutions

We offer Compressed Air Fitting system which is exclusively designed for pneumatics to join two tubes or thin-walled pipes together. These fittings are perfect connections from compressor receiver to air line service components that require occasional disassembly or partial removal for maintenance. They do not require any special tools or skills to operate. They work excellently at elevated pressures and with toxic gases. A compressed air fitting system do not require soldering and thus can be installed quickly and easily, compared with other installation methods, time savings of at least 50% are easily achievable.

Our experienced and compressed air fitting systems expertise can help you create the perfect air compressor solution for you and your business, including everything from the installation of air compressor air fitting system right down to the service and maintenance on time. Whether you're in construction or any other industry, we're certain to have perfect air compressor for you that the fittings to complement it.

An integral part of compressed air fitting ensuring your compressor system runs properly and efficiently. Air compressor fittings can negatively affect functionality of your compressor if they aren't of good quality, and they can even cause leakage, corrosion and other issues, costing you expense. Using high quality parts, such as those from John Guest and Eqo Fluids, can avoid failure such as these. Whether you require high pressure or push-in fitting solution, we can help.

  • Specially designed for pneumatics
  • Suitable for plastic and soft metal tubes
  • Easy and fast installation and save 50% of your installation time
  • No special tools needed
  • Quality Manufacturer - ISO 9001 listed since 1989
  • Excellent flow characteristics
  • Grips perfectly before it seals
  • Quick disconnection and reusable
  • Collect cover prevents accidental disconnection and allows colour coding
  • Fittings with prefix PM or PI are produced exclusively with Food and Drug Administration approved materials and are hence recommended for food quality applications.

Working pressure and temperature:

Temperature Pressure
+23°C 10 BAR
+70°C 7 BAR

We are supplying products for the Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Compressed Air, Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Cement, Steel, Power Machine Tool, Packaging and Printing, Pipeline products, Misting system, Refineries, Food Grad, Railways, Aerospace, Defense and all applications requiring good quality and extremely reliable operations.

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