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The galvanised carbon steel push-fit system

Galvanised Carbon Steel Push-In Piping

Galvanised Carbon Steel Push-In Piping

Stainless Steel Tubing & Fittings

A Range of tube & fittings from 12mm to 108mm offering a value-for-money system that delivers on quality. Xpress Carbon is suitable for fire protection applications.
  • Pre-marked insertion depth provides & additional time saving
  • Clear identification on fitting of material & dimension
  • Reduced risk of theft due to low scrap value
  • Slim profile ensures easy and efficient insulation
  • Plastic coated & internally galvanised tube also available
  • Temperature Rating from-350C to 1350C
  • Pressure rating 16 bar across the temperature range

Applications :-
  • Hydrocarbons, Acids and Solvents
  • Chilled Water Services
  • Hot & Cold Water, Steam
Stainless Steel Tubing & Fittings

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